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Are you looking to ditch the overwhelm & gain more time freedom?

As a busy entrepreneur, you're constantly making decisions & putting out fires. And you're doing it alone. Are you ready for a savvy business partner to walk alongside you? One who learned the hard way and wants to save you the stress and headaches?

I want to save you all that time and frustration by sharing how to build and grow your online business without the overwhelm. You really don’t have to do “all the things” to be successful. Let's be business besties!


Set intentional goals for your business content

Create a simple, yet effective, plan to reach those goals and maximize your impact

Build a flexible schedule filled with the right priorities so your time is well spent with maximum benefit

Simplify all your content and back-end systems and workflows so you can gain more time freedom

Choose the best online tools & platforms to save both time and money

I've been right where you are. And I can help you build and grow a successful online business without “doing all the things.”

Hi! I'm Kristi...

SIMPLIFY Your BIZ™ was born out of retirement from 30 years of teaching, extra time on my hands, the desire to do something creative, and the realization that I could do all this and more with an online business. (Something that wasn’t even possible back when I began teaching.) 

I devoured everything I could find online about starting a business, hoarded way too many resources, and collected/tried tool after tool. My “learning addiction” was real. (And a problem keeping me from taking action.)

Hopping from niche to niche, mentor to mentor, and from one business idea to the next, I chased the “shiny objects” and shifted focus way too many times. What a mess everything was. No organization, no road map, lapsed motivation, and so much frustration & overwhelm.

I knew I had to do something before my husband stopped supporting my “expensive hobby.” I desperately needed to put a plan into action.

So, pulling myself together, I got my “learning addiction” under control and chose only a couple of mentors to learn from. I harnessed the organizational expert I’d been in my former teaching days and got everything organized into a simple online system. And I realized that this learning experience was God’s way of leading me to where I am today

I knew that I couldn’t possibly be the only older (‘er mature-ish) retired teacher that’s floundered in this digital business space. So I created SIMPLIFY your Biz™ to help other female entrepreneurs (like you).

I want to save you all that time and frustration by sharing my signature 3-step process for building and simplifying your online business without doing “all the things”.

If you’re ready to skip to the front of the line and learn how to lay a strong foundation for sustainable success, then you’re in the right place!

So grab that cup of coffee or glass of sweet iced tea and your favorite notebook, ‘cause class is now in session! Let me help you SIMPLIFY your Biz™!

What My Besties Are Saying

“She makes the complex less overwhelming - Kristi speaks right to me!! I love how she took a subject that is SO OVERWHELMING to me, content creation, and broke it down so that it feels do-able! Her calm, confident demeanor helps me to feel some peace around this overwhelming topic. Also, I love that she is so relatable!!”

“Simple tips and tricks + I love her teaching style! Guilty!!! Kristi has convinced me to stop the procrastination game and start being a better steward of my time. Distraction is another demon that I’ve recently given the boot to thanks to her simple tips. She makes it easy to work within my current reality but doesn’t leave room for empty excuses since she gives suggestions for me to still move forward even when I’m not on top of my game.”

“Great resource for the beginning solopreneur! Being a solopreneur can feel overwhelming at times. Kristi shares how you can simplify, be productive, and “keep the most important things the most important things” in the midst of building your online business. She gives you simple, practical tips and strategies perfect for the beginning solopreneur!”

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