Attention course creators and entrepreneurs - Improve your Concentration, Eliminate Distractions, and Get More Done in Less Time


With Online Business and Marketing Educator, Productivity Strategist - Kristi Veitenheimer

Struggling to concentrate while working from home? The FULL FOCUS Workout course can help! 

Learn proven strategies to cut out distractions, overcome common obstacles, and create an environment that promotes concentration. 

By the end of the course, you'll have the tools and mindset to boost productivity and achieve your goals. 

Ready to take your productivity to the next level? Sign up for the FULL FOCUS Workout today!

Get ready to maintain a high level of concentration and focus, leading to increased productivity and success while working on your course business.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work to be done while constantly being distracted by household chores and family members? Do you find yourself feeling insecure or self-critical about your ability to manage your time and stay focused?

The "FULL FOCUS Workout" course is designed to help you overcome these challenges and achieve success on your own terms. By the end of the course, you'll be able to cut out the noise, increase your productivity, and achieve a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in your work. You'll learn proven strategies to stay focused and in control of your work, while also finding a healthy work-life balance that allows you to pursue your passions while creating a successful and profitable online course business.

Don't let distractions and self-doubt hold you back from achieving your goals. Sign up for our "FULL FOCUS Workout" course today and take the first step towards achieving the success and fulfillment you deserve.

By the end of ths course, you'll be able to:

  • Here's some stuff
  • Establish healthy boundaries and learn how to say "no" to distractions and unimportant tasks.

  • Overcome self-doubt and negative self-talk that can impede progress and productivity.

  • Develop the ability to stay focused and eliminate distractions while working from home.

Lesson One - Where Does the Noise Come From?

Explore the causes of distractions and how they contribute to the ‘noise' that kills the ability to focus.

Lesson Two - Strategies to Improve Focus While Working

Learn a number of strategies to improve your ability to focus while working from home.

Lesson Three - Brain Exercises to Strengthen your Focus

Explore exercises you can do regularly to improve your concentration.

Lesson Four - Create your Focus & Concentration Action Plan

Explore the causes of distractions and how they contribute to the ‘noise' that kills the ability to focus.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to this course?

You'll have access to the current course, plus any lessons, materials, and/or bonuses added in the future for the lifetime of this course.

What if I don't get results?

The truth is you have to take action and do the work if you want something different in your business. I don’t offer refunds for digital offers, but I truly want you to be happy and get amazing results from the course. At any time that you're having problems, just email me at, and we'll work through them together. You won't find any better customer support, I promise!

What kind of support or resources are available to me during the course?

There are a couple of ways to get support. You can join my FREE Facebook group and ask questions there. And you can also email me at

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