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Say goodbye to chaos and hello to a streamlined, hassle-free Online Course or Digital Product Business.

Kristi Veitenheimer

Productivity and Organization Educator, MeisterTask Certified Expert,

& self-proclaimed tech nerd

MeisterTask Certified Expert
Start your online course business with the right building blocks.

And just a quick FYI - I LOVE finding (and USING) the best tools & resources for running my online business & sharing them with you – I’ve linked my favorite finds throughout the website! (This website includes affiliate links. Should you end up buying something as a result of one of those links, I might get a little something to go toward my coffee and chocolate addictions, LOL.)


Back-End of your Online Business so you can

go from scattered to streamlined and actually

enjoy running the business of your dreams?

Here are 3 Ways I Can Help You Achieve

a Simpler, More Efficient, & Successful Business:

Free content on my podcast - SIMPLIFY your BIZ™

Short, no-fluff, weekly episodes to help with Time Management, Organizing your Business, Simple Goal Setting, and Intentional Business Planning.

Let me be a "bug in your ear" and your new business bestie!

Free (& low cost) resources

Do you have way too many online tools, platforms, and apps? And are they costing you more than you're making?

Discover the smart tech stack I use to streamline my business, get more done every single day, and save tons of money.

Courses coming soon

I've wasted my fair share of money on courses that were either too long and complicated to complete, not what I thought they'd be, or simply weren't any good. I don't want that for you.

Coming soon - a suite of mini-courses created just for you. Short, full of value, getting you the transformations you need and deserve! Get on the waitlist now for super low, entry-level pricing.

Hi! My name's Kristi...

And I’m a Catholic wife, mom, Mimi, and the creator of SIMPLIFY your BIZ™.

After retiring from 30 years of teaching, I started an online business as a creative outlet to help others while bringing in some extra money. (That wasn’t even a thing back when I started college in 1982, LOL!)

The road was rough. But through lots of research, pivots, and trial and error, I finally figured out how to do business on my own terms and enjoy the process. 

And now I want to help you do the same. Learn how to simplify and organize the back-end of your online business so you have a strong foundation for sustainable success.

So grab your favorite notebook and skip to the front of the line, ‘cause class is now in session! Let me help you SIMPLIFY your BIZ™!

What My Besties Are Saying

"So good! - This podcast is so wonderful! I absolutely love Kristi, her teaching style, and her spirit. You can hear the passion in her voice! I love this show, and I highly recommend.

Great advice - I appreciated the fact that Kristi is telling people that you don't need social media to grow your business. Her advice will lead to less headaches, less time spent, and better results!

I love the vibe of this podcast! - Kristi not only gives helpful, useful information, she does it in a way that feels like chatting with a friend over coffee. I am a 40-something business owner, and I love seeing and hearing someone of my age group in this space!

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