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I absolutely LOVE finding (and USING) the best online tools & resources for SIMPLIFYING my online business & sharing them with you.

This resource page includes affiliate products that are designated with a double asterisk (**). But don't worry - I would never recommend something I don't actually love & use myself. And just so you know, should you end up buying something as a result of one of these links, I might get a little something to go toward my coffee and chocolate addictions, lol.


(Surprised you don't see lots of tools listed in this section?)

I don't use many digital tools since I've streamlined the back end of my business. And I'm saving tons of money now.

I truly have tried them all. And I'm finally super impressed! TekMatix literally has it all and saves me tons of money & time.

Website, courses, membership area, landing pages, funnels, email automation & campaigns, booking calendars, opt-ins, social media sharing, and more. You can basically do it all with this one integrated platform.

Google Drive - Google Docs - Google Sheets - Google Slides - Chrome Browser

I couldn't run my business without this completely FREE suite of online tools. And the best part? I can work on my business from absolutely anywhere! Talk about efficiency and freedom.

If you're not using Canva for all your design needs, you're definitely missing out. And I stayed on the FREE plan for years.

This last year I upgraded to the paid plan so I could organize my growing media library with folders. I also love a lot of the paid features. But you can totally get buy with the free plan.

MeisterTask is business management at its finest. Seriously, if you want to take your business organization to the next level, start using MeisterTask. I'm a Trello lover at heart, but there are just some capabilities that MeisterTask has that win out.

I like to keep it simple inside of MeisterTask. Hit me up if you want some pointers.


**Clarify your Calling with Stefanie Gass

Learn how to have a God-led mindset, create a clear brand and messaging plan, and know with absolute clarity what you do, who you serve, and how you serve them!

**Podcast Pro University with Stefanie Gass

Step-by-Step Framework to Start a Podcast in 30 Days

Podcasting is hands down, the best way to grow an online audience with evergreen content that works FOR you. There are no algorithms, no videos, and virtually zero overhead. Teach others, generate leads, and make money from behind a mic.

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